Today my world turned upside down.  Chris and I found out that our bun in the oven was actually plural…buns…yes…TWINS!!!!  The news was so shocking I literally could not believe it.  So here’s the scene at our first OB appointment and ultrasound:


Doctor: OK, let’s have a look at your baby.

Me: Yes please!

Doctor: Caroline, you’re having twins.

Me: haha, that’s funny.

Doctor: Here’s the first one and here’s the second one.

Me: Wait…you’re not joking??

Doctor: No, congratulations!


Doctor: Caroline…are you OK?


Nurse: I can’t see her face, is she happy?

Chris: [laughing hysterically]



My whole body was shaking.  My whole future felt like it was flashing before my eyes.  Of course we were planning the second baby (our family planning consisted of 2 total)…but you never expect to get that kind of news.  We even joked before the appointment; “hopefully we’ll just see one in there.”  I mean, I could clearly see on the monitor that there were two babies, but my mind just would not let me believe it.  I pretty much laid there stunned for the remainder of the appointment.  On reflection, I’m actually a little sad because I barely remember hearing the heartbeats which is the most exciting part…other than finding out there’s two of course.


After the appointment, I called Becky.  Here’s how that went:


 Me: Hey, so, yeah, I just had my appt.

Becky: How did it go?

Me: Um….good…uuuuhhhh, I have some news.


Me: Yup

Becky: (I honestly don’t remember what she said, but I do remember she said this): I knew your appt was soon, but I couldn’t remember the exact date.  When you called me yesterday and didn’t leave a message, I actually thought that you were calling to tell me you were having twins!


Scary how she was so accurate…


Luckily Chris and I both took the day off work, so we went to Panera and had a nice long lunch where discussed this bombshell just dropped on us.  I was still shaking.  My basic thoughts circled around how in the world am I going to do this?  One baby was hard enough…now two babies at the same time with a 2 year old wild man running around…I will never be super woman.  We continued talking for a long time about everything and confirmed that we were indeed both terrified.  But we concluded with…we’re having twins…that’s that.  A nice gentleman sitting at the table beside us stopped me as we were leaving and says this:

 Nice gentleman: I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation, congratulations!!

Me: Thank you, it was definitely quite a shock though.

Nice gentleman: My daughter has a 5 year old and then she had twins, they’re 2 and half now.  Trust me, God doesn’t give you more than you can handle.

Me: Thank you.


Thank you kind sir…more than you know.


Still in a state of shock bordering on panic, we called my brother, the only other person who knew about the pregnancy, and told him the news.  He was super excited.  I couldn’t understand it, but he thought it was fantastic news.   I’m so glad he had that kind of reaction because I think it finally got my mind turning in the right direction.  I’m a pessimist by nature, so I always think about the bad stuff first.  He got me thinking about the good stuff and after that it was just a matter of time before the terror started to turn to excitement.  We are having TWINS!!!!