The last suppers

So I have an induction date set for this Wednesday, Aug 22nd.  We are really excited and can’t wait to meet our little guys.  This past weekend was filled with last outings since we knew we would be very busy in the coming weeks.  We went to the pool on Thursday with Becky, John, Reese, and Poppi.  Chris and John had a guys night Friday night.  Grammie and Poppi took us out to a pre-birthday celebration for the boys on Saturday.

And then Becky and I attempted to do brunch on Sunday.  I say attempt because Sunday morning brought a big storm and the rain was crazy!!!  We had planned to go to a restaurant called Relish and decided to brave the rain.  The drive was slow and we both were a little nervous being out driving in the conditions.  Well, we finally made it and sit down to have a nice little brunch.  When we sit down, Becky informs me that everyone was looking at me as we walked in.  I am so numb to the stares and whispers that I hadn’t really noticed.  I look around and there are still people looking at me and whispering and I just have to laugh.  Yes, I’m a freak show.  I’m pretty sure I’m not going to have these babies in the restaurant, but that is what I’m sure everyone is thinking.  The hostess inquires about my due date and I go through my usual routine.  The table next to us hears that I’m having twins and I swear I can see a sense of relief on all their faces and I picture their conversation…Ooooohhh…that explains it.

Once we are past the freak show entrance, we started to look at our menus.  Power flickers.  Power goes out.  We use our iPhones as flashlights to look at the menu but obviously the restaurant can’t cook anything at the moment.  So we wait maybe 10 minutes or so and then we hear that a tree has struck a power line.  We leave.  Another chance for everyone to look at the freak show as we exit.

We battle the rain and get back to the car for another yucky car ride back.  We debate just throwing in the towel and going home, but decide to go to Piper’s which is closer to home. We are determined to have our brunch!!  We make it to Piper’s and no one stares as we sit down.  No one asks about my due date.  It’s lovely.

I go to the buffet and the omelette chef politely says:
Omelette chef: I’m guessing you are due any day now?
Me: Yep.
Omelette chef: Are you having a boy or a girl?
Me: Twin boys actually
Omelette chef: I was wondering that, but didn’t want to presume anything. Congratulations!
Me: Thanks! Watch out, I might eat this whole buffet.
Omelette chef: Help yourself…we’ll make more!!

Ahhh…after all the yucky comments and stares, it was nice to have a pleasant and fun interaction for once. Thanks nice omelette chef!! And by the way…the omelette was delicious!!

We had a fun weekend and are ready to meet these little guys!  Just a few more days before life changes yet again!!

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