Awesome Ultrasound

At 35 weeks, today was my last ultrasound.  In an earlier post, I provided details of my monthly ultrasounds and since I started having them, the babies have not been in the correct position.  One or both have always been breech.  At my appointment last week, the doc couldn’t feel a head, so needless to say, I was mentally preparing myself for a C-section because it was unlikely they were going to change positions.  Boy was I wrong!  Both babies were head down!!  HOORAY!!! I was completely shocked and super happy….potentially no C-section!  It’s still possible, but not as definite now.

Chris came to this appointment and I’m so glad he did, so that he could see the babies and share in the good news.  The ultrasound technician was really nice, I’ve had her a couple of times previously.  She let me know that the measurements get less accurate as the babies get bigger, but the numbers are a best guess.  So here were today’s stats:

35 weeks: Baby A weighing in at 5lbs 14 oz (70th %) and Baby B came in at 5lbs 13 oz (67th %).  They are measuring at a 2 % difference which is awesome!

We also got some 3D pics.  After the ultrasound tech finished measuring everything, Baby A caught her eye because his hands were up by his mouth and we could see his tongue 🙂  He was trying to suck his thumb or fingers.  She was intrigued and tried to look at him in 3D.  We got to see his face and he was trying to suck on his hand!  It was sooo cute.  She was really excited because she said that it’s so hard to get images this good when they are so far along…especially with twins!  Her enthusiasm was awesome, she clearly loves her job.  She commented on his chubby checks and full lips…it really was pretty amazing.

So the last ultrasound was awesome and I’m so happy the boys decided to change to the correct position.  They also did as they were requested and stayed in until August…thanks boys!  Hopefully they are this compliant all the time 🙂

Carter is excited to meet his little bothers, he is going to be a great big brother!


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