Should I be offended?

I’m having twins…I’m quite large…but really people?

29 weeks: Kanki Chef – [I get up to go to the bathroom] – “Woah!  That’s the biggest belly I’ve ever seen!”

34 weeks: Grocery Store – [I am waiting at deli and employee asks me if I have been helped.  I turn around and say yes] – “Woah.”

35 weeks: Home Depot – [I am checking out and cashier asks when I am due.  I say that I still have 3 weeks, but I’m having twins.  She calls out to another employee] – “She IS having twins!”  Other employee comes over – “I knew there had to be more than 1 in there…”

36 weeks: Grocery store parking lot – [I am putting groceries in my car and a lady asks if she can help me.  I politely decline] – “Are you having triplets?”

36 weeks, 1 day: Out to dinner with Becky, Erin, and Gwynn: [Over halfway through our dinner, this takes place:]
Waiter: I’m sorry, I just have to ask, how many are in there?
Me: I’m having twins
Waiter: When are you due?
Me: 2 more weeks
Waiter: Do you know what you are having?
Me: Yep, 2 boys!
Waiter: Oh, I’m sorry.
Me: No, we’re excited.
Waiter: I just mean one of each would have been cool.
Me: We are happy with boys.
Waiter: Do you have names?
Me: Not yet.
Waiter: Are you having a C-section?
Me: ……um, not sure.
Becky, Gwynn, Erin: [All desperately trying to suppress giggles and doing anything possible to avoid eye contact. We all bust out laughing after he leaves.]

I have to laugh…it is what it is.


One thought on “Should I be offended?

  1. OMG! some of this stuff is unbelievable. You have just given me the biggest laugh out loud moment today! Oh, and Chris and I were talking names the other day and I forgot to mention ‘Cameron’ . Hope you are doing well, Ana and I are pretty excited for y’all!

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