Hello World!

The day has finally arrived and we welcomed the newest additions to the Hemp family, Chase and Cooper Hemp.  Here are their stats:

Chase Logan – born 7:29PM, 8 lbs 7 oz, 21 in
Cooper James – born 7:30PM, 7 lbs 14 oz, 20 in
Apparently everyone decided to have their babies at the same time.  I was supposed to go for the induction at 7:30 AM, but when I called the hospital, there were no beds available.  I called again every hour and still nothing.  As soon as a room opened up, it was filled again.   They said we could come at 11AM, but when we got there, again, no rooms.  We finally got a room around noon and the nurse said she’s been at the hospital for 20 years and has never seen it as busy as it had been.  They had been crazy busy for over a week.  Lots of babies being born.
It turned out that the boys were not in the vertex position anymore, so I was to have a C-section.  I was upset, but had no choice, so we just mentally prepped ourselves for the surgery.  The whole surgical team was like a well oiled machine when it came time for the procedure, they wheeled me in and a few minutes later, the boys arrived!  Everyone in the OR was surprised to see how big they were.  I could hear everyone talking about it and Chris could peer over the curtain to see them.  They brought both boys over to my head so I could get some skin on skin time with them.  They were beautiful and had very healthy lungs 🙂  Chris was awesome, he was so excited to see them, and assured me they looked really good.  His excitement really helped calm me down and fueled my excitement.  I was so happy he was with me.  And his scrubs were very fetching 🙂
The hospital stay was a blur, but I did feel that it was way less chaotic than our stay with Carter.  People weren’t constantly coming in and out, it was more laid back.  I guess because we were staying longer, they could do all the tests and checks more spread out.  We ended up staying 4 days, so we were discharged on Sunday.
Carter came to visit the boys the day after they were born, on Thursday.  He was so good with them!  I think he was most excited about the helicopter.  He and Poppi got to see the helicopter take off from the landing pad.  He couldn’t stop talking about it!   Grammie and Poppi took care of Carter while we were in the hospital and brought him everyday to see his little brothers.
We arrived home Sunday afternoon and introduced the boys to their new home.  Aunt KK made a delicious birthday cake and we toasted the boys with champagne.
The first few nights were rough.  It’s really hard being super exhausted, recovering from surgery, and getting up constantly to nurse and soothe 2 babies.  I am writing this post well after those first few nights so I am sure if I had been blogging at the time, I would have some very choice words.  But alas, that is behind us.  The boys are 6 weeks now, which is crazy.  We are still working on getting through the night with at least some sleep, but we’ll get it figured out.
Taking care of 2 babies is not really double the work.  Grammie and I decided that it’s more like 1 and 1/2 times the work.  You are already changing a diaper, so you just change one more.  The boys are more or less on the same schedule, so they sleep at the same time.  It usually takes one longer to go to sleep than the other, but at least for the most part, they are sleeping at the same time.  They always eat at the same time, even if we have to wake one up.  I think that has really helped get them on the same schedule.
We feel so lucky to have such beautiful, healthy babies.  All of our boys are doing awesome and we are very happy.

The last suppers

So I have an induction date set for this Wednesday, Aug 22nd.  We are really excited and can’t wait to meet our little guys.  This past weekend was filled with last outings since we knew we would be very busy in the coming weeks.  We went to the pool on Thursday with Becky, John, Reese, and Poppi.  Chris and John had a guys night Friday night.  Grammie and Poppi took us out to a pre-birthday celebration for the boys on Saturday.

And then Becky and I attempted to do brunch on Sunday.  I say attempt because Sunday morning brought a big storm and the rain was crazy!!!  We had planned to go to a restaurant called Relish and decided to brave the rain.  The drive was slow and we both were a little nervous being out driving in the conditions.  Well, we finally made it and sit down to have a nice little brunch.  When we sit down, Becky informs me that everyone was looking at me as we walked in.  I am so numb to the stares and whispers that I hadn’t really noticed.  I look around and there are still people looking at me and whispering and I just have to laugh.  Yes, I’m a freak show.  I’m pretty sure I’m not going to have these babies in the restaurant, but that is what I’m sure everyone is thinking.  The hostess inquires about my due date and I go through my usual routine.  The table next to us hears that I’m having twins and I swear I can see a sense of relief on all their faces and I picture their conversation…Ooooohhh…that explains it.

Once we are past the freak show entrance, we started to look at our menus.  Power flickers.  Power goes out.  We use our iPhones as flashlights to look at the menu but obviously the restaurant can’t cook anything at the moment.  So we wait maybe 10 minutes or so and then we hear that a tree has struck a power line.  We leave.  Another chance for everyone to look at the freak show as we exit.

We battle the rain and get back to the car for another yucky car ride back.  We debate just throwing in the towel and going home, but decide to go to Piper’s which is closer to home. We are determined to have our brunch!!  We make it to Piper’s and no one stares as we sit down.  No one asks about my due date.  It’s lovely.

I go to the buffet and the omelette chef politely says:
Omelette chef: I’m guessing you are due any day now?
Me: Yep.
Omelette chef: Are you having a boy or a girl?
Me: Twin boys actually
Omelette chef: I was wondering that, but didn’t want to presume anything. Congratulations!
Me: Thanks! Watch out, I might eat this whole buffet.
Omelette chef: Help yourself…we’ll make more!!

Ahhh…after all the yucky comments and stares, it was nice to have a pleasant and fun interaction for once. Thanks nice omelette chef!! And by the way…the omelette was delicious!!

We had a fun weekend and are ready to meet these little guys!  Just a few more days before life changes yet again!!

Should I be offended?

I’m having twins…I’m quite large…but really people?

29 weeks: Kanki Chef – [I get up to go to the bathroom] – “Woah!  That’s the biggest belly I’ve ever seen!”

34 weeks: Grocery Store – [I am waiting at deli and employee asks me if I have been helped.  I turn around and say yes] – “Woah.”

35 weeks: Home Depot – [I am checking out and cashier asks when I am due.  I say that I still have 3 weeks, but I’m having twins.  She calls out to another employee] – “She IS having twins!”  Other employee comes over – “I knew there had to be more than 1 in there…”

36 weeks: Grocery store parking lot – [I am putting groceries in my car and a lady asks if she can help me.  I politely decline] – “Are you having triplets?”

36 weeks, 1 day: Out to dinner with Becky, Erin, and Gwynn: [Over halfway through our dinner, this takes place:]
Waiter: I’m sorry, I just have to ask, how many are in there?
Me: I’m having twins
Waiter: When are you due?
Me: 2 more weeks
Waiter: Do you know what you are having?
Me: Yep, 2 boys!
Waiter: Oh, I’m sorry.
Me: No, we’re excited.
Waiter: I just mean one of each would have been cool.
Me: We are happy with boys.
Waiter: Do you have names?
Me: Not yet.
Waiter: Are you having a C-section?
Me: ……um, not sure.
Becky, Gwynn, Erin: [All desperately trying to suppress giggles and doing anything possible to avoid eye contact. We all bust out laughing after he leaves.]

I have to laugh…it is what it is.


Awesome Ultrasound

At 35 weeks, today was my last ultrasound.  In an earlier post, I provided details of my monthly ultrasounds and since I started having them, the babies have not been in the correct position.  One or both have always been breech.  At my appointment last week, the doc couldn’t feel a head, so needless to say, I was mentally preparing myself for a C-section because it was unlikely they were going to change positions.  Boy was I wrong!  Both babies were head down!!  HOORAY!!! I was completely shocked and super happy….potentially no C-section!  It’s still possible, but not as definite now.

Chris came to this appointment and I’m so glad he did, so that he could see the babies and share in the good news.  The ultrasound technician was really nice, I’ve had her a couple of times previously.  She let me know that the measurements get less accurate as the babies get bigger, but the numbers are a best guess.  So here were today’s stats:

35 weeks: Baby A weighing in at 5lbs 14 oz (70th %) and Baby B came in at 5lbs 13 oz (67th %).  They are measuring at a 2 % difference which is awesome!

We also got some 3D pics.  After the ultrasound tech finished measuring everything, Baby A caught her eye because his hands were up by his mouth and we could see his tongue 🙂  He was trying to suck his thumb or fingers.  She was intrigued and tried to look at him in 3D.  We got to see his face and he was trying to suck on his hand!  It was sooo cute.  She was really excited because she said that it’s so hard to get images this good when they are so far along…especially with twins!  Her enthusiasm was awesome, she clearly loves her job.  She commented on his chubby checks and full lips…it really was pretty amazing.

So the last ultrasound was awesome and I’m so happy the boys decided to change to the correct position.  They also did as they were requested and stayed in until August…thanks boys!  Hopefully they are this compliant all the time 🙂

Carter is excited to meet his little bothers, he is going to be a great big brother!


This just in…it’s hot in the summer

Apparently everyone and their brother likes to point out that it’s hot.  Really?  Is it hot?  I hadn’t noticed, thanks for letting me know!!  Sarcasm aside, most of these folks have the best intentions and are offering their sympathy for my plight.  My doctor also offered his condolences and I told him that everyone has been very sympathetic.  He asks me: Does it help?  Well, no, not really.  However, I do appreciate their empathy as I endure one of the hottest summers on record whilst 8 months pregnant with twins.  In all honesty, it really hasn’t been that awful.  I’m usually always cold, so the heat is actually comforting to me.  So I sweat a little (a lot) more than usual, but no biggie.  I think the worst is just being approached by so many strangers.  I am roughly the size of an 18-wheeler, so I guess it’s worth stopping to comment.  Plus I think people are afraid I might bust into labor right then and there.  Anyway, I’ve compiled a list of the top 3 weirdest places people have approached me about the pregnancy and/or heat sympathy commentary:

#3: In the middle of the street with oncoming cars as I am crossing to go into the grocery store.

#2: In Target, a complete stranger asked me if I was dilated.

#1: In a public bathroom from a stranger in the stall next to me while I am peeing.  Seriously…

You have some big babies

OK, so I haven’t blogged too much about the actual pregnancy itself.  The truth is, everything is going really well.  I don’t want to use this blog as a place to complain, but everyone keeps asking how I’m feeling and doing.  So, here’s the truth, I’m doing really really good.  The only negatives that I have encountered during the whole pregnancy are as follows: 1) first trimester – terrible sickness (seriously, I constantly felt like vomiting…ugh) 2) second trimester – this huge vein on the back of my right thigh popped out and looks gross.  If I walk too much it starts throbbing, but other than that, it’s mostly an aesthetic annoyance.  3) third trimester – very tired and pretty much an insomniac.  I am usually up every night for about 1-2 hours sometime between the hours of 2 and 5am.  Sometimes I can go back to sleep, but most times I have to get up and do something else (like clean my pantry) before being able to go back to bed.  My mind goes a mile a minute and  I an usually on my iPhone making to do lists or looking stuff up on the internet.  The third trimester has also ignited an internal battle as I have been emotionally tormenting myself due to my limited physically abilities and reliance on others for assistance.  I have made myself believe that I am fine and can keep doing my normal activities.  I am not one to ask for help but I lost the battle with myself and have come to terms with the fact that I physically can’t keep up the pace I have been going.  I stopped work on July 4th, so I really have to take it easy from here on out.  It’s very painful because there is a TON of stuff I want to do, but simply physically can’t.

OK, those are the negatives and I’m dealing with them.  On to the actual pregnancy.  I have been having monthly ultrasounds starting at 23 weeks.  This is great because I get to see them every month.  Here are some stats from the appointments:

Week 23: Baby A is head down, Baby B is breech.  I got to see a 3D image of them and could see one kicking the other in the chest…classic.

Week 27: Baby A is breech, Baby B is breech.  I don’t remember which was which, but one was 2lb 6oz and one was 2lb 7oz with a size difference of 3%.  The ultrasound technician said that they were big babies and the small size difference was really amazing.  When the doc came in, he says…”looks like you have some big babies.”  That is good for the babies…yucky for me carrying them.  I got my BabyCenter email update shortly after this appointment and it said that my baby should be almost 2 lbs…I’m thinking to myself…great…I have 2 babies that are 2 1/2 lbs!!

Week 31: Baby A is breech and Baby B is transverse.  The ultrasound tech explained that Baby B is behind Baby A and laying horizontal.  So his head is on my left side and his feet are on my right side.  Baby A’s head is up top and then goes over Baby B and his feet are towards the bottom.  Weird…I know.  I’m just going ahead and prepping myself for a C-section.  Baby A is 3lb 14oz (79th%) and Baby B is 4lb 4oz (83rd%).  Size different is 9% which is still good.  Again, the doctor walks in the room and says “looks like you are growing some nice sized babies.”  I asked the doc if the percentiles were for twin pregnancies specifically or just regular and he confirmed they were for regular pregnancies.  Soooo….I have some big babies.

I am 31.5 weeks now and my 38 week due date is August 22nd.  I hope that I can make it at least to August before they arrive, but we’ll see.  I also wonder how big they will be when they are born.  I’m hoping for 5 or 6lbs each.  That’s 10-12 lbs of baby!  Needless to say that I am starting to have a little anxiety about the delivery and how I will grow in the next few weeks.  I am going to the doc weekly now.  Not sure when the next ultrasound will be.

Showering the twins with love

Today was the twins baby shower!  Becky and Erin planned the party and it couldn’t have been more perfect.  The did an awesome job!  It was a small shower with just close friends and family.  We had brunch over at Erin’s house.  The decorations were so cute.  They hung up little onesies that said Thing 1 and Thing 2…so cute.  They also made tissue paper flowers/decorative balls.  I was talking with Kate and she was asking if they made them, I said no, they probably just got them at a party store…but I was very wrong.  They made them!!

Becky took her first shot at making cake balls on a stick.  She explained the process and it seems very tedious.  I can’t believe how much time she spent on them!!  The prepwork for the party deserves a major shout out, so THANK YOU VERY MUCH Becky and Erin…you guys are the best!!

The twins definitely felt loved, they got lots and lots of gifts.  Katie painted them the most awesome Star Wars pictures…LOVE IT!

Chris was the only dude there (aside from the boys in the belly) but he was just documenting the shower with his fabulous photography skillz.  I am so glad he was there to capture the epicness.

I still feel like we have a lot left to do to get ready for their arrival, but hopefully when I stop working, I’ll be able to get everything done.

Can you feel them?

One of the more frequent questions I have been getting from folks is whether I can feel each baby individually.  The short answer is yes, but I would never know just from the feeling that there are two babies in there.  I think some women have said they can tell them apart, but in my personal experience, it just feels like one active baby.  If I didn’t have the ultrasounds to prove it to myself, I would totally think there is only one.  I mean I feel movement in various places, but that was the same with Carter too.  I swear Carter could dart from one side to the other so fast.  I would totally think that this baby is the exact same way, except that I know it’s not one baby, but two.  Yay for ultrasounds!  The thought of twins is still surreal to me, so the thought of getting to the hospital and having one more pop out unexpectedly is just insane.  I really have no idea how people deal with that.  Thanks to my docs for giving us advance warning, I am so glad I have time to mentally prep myself for what’s about to come.

Nesting Mode

For the past few weeks, Chris and I have been in full on nesting mode.  It started back in April when we began the daunting task of cleaning out our study.  Everyone has been asking us if we are getting a bigger house and while we considered this, we decided that our house is plenty big enough.  We have a 4 bedroom house (3 bedrooms and a bonus room), so we have rooms for everyone.  The problem is all the stuff we have in said rooms.  We used one of our bedrooms as an office/study/computer crap storage room.  It is a true statement when I say that the study looked like a computer store vomited all over it.  My dear Chris is a computer junky (something I love about him) and he has a hard time letting go of computer parts.  Even though he always wants the latest and greatest, he still can’t throw away the out-dated parts because you never know when you will need it.  Well, we can’t hold onto these trinkets anymore, so he put on his big boy pants and we weeded through all the stuff to a more manageable inventory.

We have a bonus room, a.k.a. man room, which was our theatre room.  Sadly, we had to move the L-shaped reclining leather couch downstairs to the living room (thanks for the heavy lifting help John!!!) and use this room as a combo office/TV room.  I was sad to see it go, but we still have the whole TV/sound system set up, so not a complete loss.  The whole combining of rooms took 2 full weekends of non-stop work.  Many thanks to Grammie and Poppi for watching Carter while we worked!!!  Definitely could not have done it without their help.

So now the old office is empty…soon to be filled with the melodious screaming of 2 baby boys.  Our generous friends Alison and Justin gave us the cribs they used for their twins (who have now matured to big girl and boy beds).  We set up the cribs in the newly emptied room and they look great!  I am determined to get the twins’ nursery and everything done before I hit 28 weeks (June 13th).  28 weeks is when I could potentially have to go out on bed rest.  I want to have everything in place by then so that I can coast through the remaining weeks of the pregnancy.  Towards the end, anything is possible, so I am channeling Chris’ Eagle Scout mentality so that we will “be prepared.”  My goal is to coast though the rest of the pregnancy with a little to do as possible so that no matter when they come, they will have a warm and welcoming home.

So what are you having??

OK, I have been dying to find out what the genders of the twins are…2 boys, 2 girls, 1 girl/1 boy??  There are so many options!  I have to admit that the thought of twin girls scares me a little, but I would be completely fine with it.  We set the 18 week ultrasound appointment when I was 12 weeks along.  So I had 6 long weeks to ponder what was in my belly.  Finally the much anticipated day arrived!!!  Tuesday, April 3rd.  The whole day at work I was super anxious.  Is it 2:30 yet?? I was also very anxious about the general well being of the twins.  I guess because there are 2 in there, I’m double paranoid.  I really wanted to see them again and see them moving and their little hearts beating.

So we have arrived at the appointment finally and I get to see my babies!!  I’m so happy to see them moving around.  The sonographer started with the head and checked everything out body part by body part, all the way to the toes 🙂  Twin A has 2 arms, 2 legs, normal brain, heart, and abdomen…yay!  Twin A also has something that tells us…boy!!  YES!!  So Twin A is a boy…Carter is going to have a little brother!  So moving on to Twin B, same deal, we start at the head and go all the way down.  Twin B has 2 arms, 2 legs, normal brain, heart, and abdomen….I am one relieved mamma!!  Both babies are looking good and I’m feeling good 🙂  Twin B also has a little something to tell us that he is a boy too!!! Don’t ask me what the secret to having boys is…I really have no clue…

So Chris and I are having twin boys, Carter will have 2 little brothers to beat up now.  I have to admit that Chris and I both felt a little sad that we would never have a baby girl.  But alas, it wasn’t meant to be…we were destined to have a bunch of Hemp boys!!  I can’t wait to meet the little guys!  4.5 months to go!  Now we have to come up with 4 boy names….