Can you feel them?

One of the more frequent questions I have been getting from folks is whether I can feel each baby individually.  The short answer is yes, but I would never know just from the feeling that there are two babies in there.  I think some women have said they can tell them apart, but in my personal experience, it just feels like one active baby.  If I didn’t have the ultrasounds to prove it to myself, I would totally think there is only one.  I mean I feel movement in various places, but that was the same with Carter too.  I swear Carter could dart from one side to the other so fast.  I would totally think that this baby is the exact same way, except that I know it’s not one baby, but two.  Yay for ultrasounds!  The thought of twins is still surreal to me, so the thought of getting to the hospital and having one more pop out unexpectedly is just insane.  I really have no idea how people deal with that.  Thanks to my docs for giving us advance warning, I am so glad I have time to mentally prep myself for what’s about to come.

Nesting Mode

For the past few weeks, Chris and I have been in full on nesting mode.  It started back in April when we began the daunting task of cleaning out our study.  Everyone has been asking us if we are getting a bigger house and while we considered this, we decided that our house is plenty big enough.  We have a 4 bedroom house (3 bedrooms and a bonus room), so we have rooms for everyone.  The problem is all the stuff we have in said rooms.  We used one of our bedrooms as an office/study/computer crap storage room.  It is a true statement when I say that the study looked like a computer store vomited all over it.  My dear Chris is a computer junky (something I love about him) and he has a hard time letting go of computer parts.  Even though he always wants the latest and greatest, he still can’t throw away the out-dated parts because you never know when you will need it.  Well, we can’t hold onto these trinkets anymore, so he put on his big boy pants and we weeded through all the stuff to a more manageable inventory.

We have a bonus room, a.k.a. man room, which was our theatre room.  Sadly, we had to move the L-shaped reclining leather couch downstairs to the living room (thanks for the heavy lifting help John!!!) and use this room as a combo office/TV room.  I was sad to see it go, but we still have the whole TV/sound system set up, so not a complete loss.  The whole combining of rooms took 2 full weekends of non-stop work.  Many thanks to Grammie and Poppi for watching Carter while we worked!!!  Definitely could not have done it without their help.

So now the old office is empty…soon to be filled with the melodious screaming of 2 baby boys.  Our generous friends Alison and Justin gave us the cribs they used for their twins (who have now matured to big girl and boy beds).  We set up the cribs in the newly emptied room and they look great!  I am determined to get the twins’ nursery and everything done before I hit 28 weeks (June 13th).  28 weeks is when I could potentially have to go out on bed rest.  I want to have everything in place by then so that I can coast through the remaining weeks of the pregnancy.  Towards the end, anything is possible, so I am channeling Chris’ Eagle Scout mentality so that we will “be prepared.”  My goal is to coast though the rest of the pregnancy with a little to do as possible so that no matter when they come, they will have a warm and welcoming home.